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Irish SMEs Claim Positive Business Results in the Past Year


Small and medium sized companies (SMEs) in Ireland declared that the they registered positive business results in the last year. The representatives of Irish companies mentioned that their business activities developed, regardless of the negative effects that resulted as a consequence of the United Kingdon’s exit from the European Union, known as Brexit. It is important to know that 62% of the of the participants of a study revealed a positive business outlook for their current activities. Our team of Irish lawyers can offer legal assistance on how to start a SME in Ireland

Irish Land Sales, Total Value of EUR 92 Million in Q1 of 2017

The construction sector in Ireland is characterized by a high demand. In the first quarter (Q1) of 2017, the Irish land sales had a total value of EUR 92 million and were represented by 26 development land plots, according to the data provided by CRBE. Investors who want to start a company in Ireland in the field of construction can have very good prospects here and our team of Irish lawyers can offer in-depth advice on the regulations referring to this industry. 

4 Financing Options for Start-ups in Ireland


Start-up businesses in Ireland are sustained through numerous financing options, available for investors who are starting their first small companyIreland provides various grants and loans offering attractive conditions for the applicants. Those who want to start a company in Ireland can access such funding options provided that certain conditions are met and our team of Irish lawyers can assist businessmen with details on the requirements that have to be completed in the process. 

Enterprise Ireland: Subsidies of EUR 32 Million for Irish Companies in 2016

Ireland is a top destination for businessmen who are searching a market in which they can launch a business. The Irish authorities provide numerous incentives, an attractive taxation system – as it imposes one of the smallest corporate taxes applicable in Europe, and tax deductions. Enterprise Ireland, the Irish governmental agency which provides assistance to businesses registered here, invested in 2016 EUR 32 million in 229 small start-up companiesOur team of Irish lawyers can offer legal advice on the registration of a company in Ireland

Aspects to Consider When Performing Exporting Activities in Ireland

Companies performing export activities in Ireland are required to respect a set of regulations established in this sense by the Irish authorities. At the same time, investors who are involved in commercial activities in this field should first study the markets which they target when exporting various goods and our team of Irish lawyers can offer assistance on the main rules of law, as well as on the tax requirements that have to be met, in accordance with the specific activities carried out by the companies in Ireland

New Laws for Corporate Debt Collection, Applicable in EU Countries


Debt collection refers to the legal procedures through which a natural person or a legal entity can recover a sum of money from another party. Under the regulations of the European Account Preservation Order (EAPO), the rules related to the debt collection procedures have been changed. The modification of the law became applicable starting with 18 January 2017. Our team of Irish lawyers can offer legal advice on the new rules available under the EAPO

Irish Houses Bought After 2013, Exempt From Property Tax


The houses which were bought after 2013 are exempt of the property tax. Foreign natural persons buying property in Ireland should know that all property bought from developers or builders are exempt from paying the property tax. Our team of Irish lawyers can offer legal assistance on the regulations related to property purchases in Ireland. It is important to know that, prior to starting the transaction itself, the respective property should undergo due diligence procedures, which will be performed by local specialists who will establish if the respective property is sold with various flaws which are not stated in the property’s documents. 

Average Daily Rate for Dublin Hotels, Record Increase of 3,8%

The businessmen who want to open a company in the accommodation field in Ireland should know that the average daily rate for Dublin hotels increased to a record value of 3,8%. The average daily rate designates the guest rooms divided by the overall rooms available in an accommodation unit. The record value of 3.8% was registered as the level of November 2016. Our team of Irish lawyers can offer legal assistance to those who want to enter the hotel industry. It is necessary to know that such establishments require obtaining special licenses and permits, issued for this specific field. 

Irish Economy, Growing at the Fastest Pace

The Irish economy is one of the most stable at a European level. In 2016, Ireland was mentioned as the fastest growing economy in Europe and its increase was not affected by the results of the Brexit (the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union). Moreover, the value of the businesses operating on the local market increased by 4%, as mentioned by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) in Ireland. Businessmen who want to open a company in Ireland are encouraged to set up their operations in this country and our team of Irish lawyers can assist with more details related to this process. 

Unemployment in Ireland Decreased to 7,5%


Ireland's unemployment rate decreased to a new low value, set up at 7,5%. According to the data provided by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), the number of unemployed persons in Ireland is now situated at 164,400. In the last 12 months (measured at the level of October 2016), 34,200 persons managed to find a job in Ireland. Investors who are interested in employing personnel for their Irish companies are advised to study the employment regulations applicable here. Our team of Irish lawyers can provide legal assistance on this matter. 

Wealth Level in Ireland, Increase of 5% in 2016


Ireland is known as a developed country, which offers one of the most attractive business environments. Foreign investors are interested in setting up a company in Ireland due to its corporate taxation system, its investment policies and high skilled workforce. Another good news related to Ireland is that the wealth of the Irish population is increasing, showing that the local economy is further developing. Our Irish lawyers can offer assistance on the main legal aspects related to the Irish business environment. 

Ireland, the Best Small Country in the World for Businesses


With a population of less than five million inhabitants, Ireland is the best small country in the world for doing businesses. Ireland received this title in 2015 and it maintained this status throughout 2016. The country was mentioned as the best small country for business purposes in the IMB 2014 Global Location Trends report, but it is important to know that other studies revealed similar results. Businessmen who are interested in registering a company in Ireland can have very good business prospects here, due to the fact that the country provides relevant incentives and one of the most advantageous taxation systems. Our Irish lawyers can assist investors with more details on this subject. 

Massive Increase of Irish Passports Requests, Following Brexit

After the results of Brexit, which decided the exit of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU), the Irish authorities received an increasing number of passport applications from the British citizens. The request was determined by the fact that the British want to maintain their EU citizen status and requesting the Irish citizenship is a legal method through which this wish can be fulfilled. However, the motivation in obtaining an Irish passport can also be determined by the investors who want to open a company in Ireland and thus, maintain the business under the EU premises. Our Irish lawyers can assist British persons in the procedure of obtaining the Irish passport. 

Irish Budget 2017: VAT Rate for Tourism Remains at 9%


The tourism industry in Ireland is one of the beneficiaries of the Irish Budget 2017. The local authorities have announced that the Value Added Tax (VAT) for this industry will be further on applied at the rate of 9%. The decision taken by the Irish authorities was saluted by the Irish Tourist Industry Confederation (ITIC). The institution announced that rate will maintain the industry as a competitive sector, especially under the effects of the Brexit results. Businessmen who want to start a company in Ireland can receive legal assistance on the legislation applicable to tourism operators from our Irish lawyers. 

The Main Benefits of the Irish Budget 2017


The Irish government has recently released the main provisions of the Budget 2017, which provides many tax cuts available for both natural persons and legal entities.  Also, the Budget 2017 provides many positive aspects in terms of investment in the public services. Investors interested to set up a company in Ireland may benefit from the main aspects of the new Budget and our team of lawyers in Ireland can offer assistance on the taxation system available here and on the corporate benefits applicable starting with 2017. 

Irish VAT May be Reduced to 9% on New Homes


The Irish construction sector may benefit from a new incentive, which is currently discussed by the local government. In order to promote the foreign and local investments in the construction sector dedicated to the residential field, the Value Added Tax (VAT) may be reduced to 9%, from the current rate of 13,5%. The investors who are taking into consideration opening a company in Ireland can find many business opportunities in this field, as there is a high demand for both residential and commercial buildings. Our team of Irish lawyers can offer assistance on the incorporation procedure, as well as on the business permits necessary for this type of activity. 

Ireland, an International Financial Hub


Although situated at the edge of the European Union (EU), Ireland represents one of the best locations in which foreign investors can set up their operations. Besides the taxation system, Ireland offers many other attractive incentives which makes it a perfect location for setting up a business, especially in the financial sector. Ireland is a top international financial hub and foreign investors are advised to invest in this industry if they are activating in the field. Our team of lawyers in Ireland can offer assistance on how to register a company operating on the financial market. 

Relocating a UK Business to Ireland Post Brexit


Businessmen who are national citizens of the European Union’s (EU) area who have opened a business in United Kingdom (UK) can relocate their business to Ireland if they consider that the Brexit (the referendum which decided the exit of the UK from the EU) will have negative effects on their current companies. Irish authorities have already stated that the local business environment is ready to receive such businessmen, as the country provides a stable market and advantageous tax conditions. Investors who are interested in setting up a company in Ireland can address to our team of Irish lawyers, who can assist investors with legal advice. 

Irish Tourism, Increase of 13,1% in the First Quarter of 2016


Ireland represents an important business location and one of the fields in which the investors can have several business opportunities is the tourism field, which increased in the first quarter of 2016 by 13,1%, showing that there is a growing interest expressed by foreign tourists wishing to visit Ireland. Investors who want to open a company in the field of tourism –such as a travelling agency, can receive assistance on this matter from our team of Irish lawyers, who can provide an in-depth presentation on the incorporation procedure available for specific industries.  

Why Dublin is an Ideal City for UK Businesses to Relocate to?


After the United Kingdom (UK) decided to exit the European Union (EU) under the Brexit referendum, many businessmen who had been carrying out business operations on the local market considered it would be a good option to relocate in the near future their current companies on different markets which are part of the EU. The decision is strictly related to the level of taxation such companies will be subjected to after the completion of the Brexit. Ireland is a state which recently announced that it welcomes businessmen from UK on the local market. Our team of Irish lawyers can provide legal assistance on the main reasons which makes Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, a great location for such companies. 

High Demand for Office Buildings in Ireland


The business environment available in Ireland is very well developed, as many entrepreneurs choose to set up their operations here because of the favourable legal conditions created by the local authorities. As an effect, there is a high demand for office buildings across the country, especially in Dublin, the largest city in Ireland. Businessmen interested in setting up a company in the field of construction can receive legal assistance from our team of Irish lawyers. 

SMEs in Ireland, Smaller Lending Rates Granted by Microfinance Ireland


Investors with business activities in small companies in Ireland have good news referring to the lending rates, which have been lowered by Microfinance Ireland, a state owned institution providing lending programs for small Irish businesses. The interest applicable to small businesses will be cut by 1%, starting from July 2016. Businessmen who are interested in receiving more details on this matter can address to our team of Irish lawyers. 

Irish Corporate Tax Will Maintain Its Level Following the Brexit


Foreign investors, especially the European investors operating on the Irish market should know that, at the moment, the Irish legislation applicable to corporations will maintain its rules, in the context of the United Kingdom’s Brexit results. As such, the local government announced that the companies operating on the local market will be imposed a 12.5% corporate tax further on and that the event will not have a negative effect on the local businesses. Our team of Irish lawyers can offer more details on the local legislation referring to the corporate tax. 

4 Small Business Ideas in Ireland


Ireland has a legal environment which attracts the development of both local and foreign businesses. The local authorities provide many incentives for various types of business fields, as well as for small start-ups. Businessmen who want to open here a small company can choose from many business ideas, which have proven very effective on the local market. Our team of Irish solicitors can provide assistance to those who can decide on a specific industry and who have a limited budget. 

Investment Project of EUR 750 Million in Ireland


In 2015, the Irish economy experienced a rapid development, which is a direct effect of the policies carried out by the local authorities. In 2016, many industries reported very good financial results. Foreign investors are advised to set their operations on the Irish market due to a set of factors, including the level of taxation applicable to companies; our team of Irish solicitors can provide more details on the investment projects available in Ireland.