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Lawyers in Ireland
Lawyers in Ireland
Legal services in Ireland

Lawyers in Ireland

We are a team of experienced lawyers with a strong background in financial and corporate law.

Litigation cases

Do you need a litigation lawyer in Ireland? Contact our team of attorneys!

Open a company

We offer complete legal assistance in the process of opening a company in Ireland.


We can obtain business permits and licenses in Ireland. Find here more on this matter.

Company liquidation

If you want to close your business in Ireland, our Irish lawyers can handle the entire procedure.

Debt Collection

Our Irish lawyers offer reliable debt recovery services in Ireland.

Tax advice/Planning

If you need tax advice for your company in Ireland, our lawyers are at your disposal.

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Irish Law Firm

Irish Law Firm

Updated on Monday 05th February 2018

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Why Choose our Law Firm in Ireland?

Our Irish lawyers are able to provide clients with professional support in problems arising in connection with the legal regulations in Ireland. Every industry in which we operate is governed by a legal regulation that requires special attention. Therefore you need the consultancy of a lawyer to prevent any problems that may occur, or if they were already installed, to solve them in the most favorable manner to you.

The video below is a short presentation of how can assist you:


For us, the guarantee of success requires compliance with strict rules of professional ethics and the desire to put all our resources in the services offered by our Irish law firm. We organize for our clients the best legal strategies to a positive outcome. We strive constantly to provide our customers with advice, assistance and representation of high professional quality in cases that involve taxes in Ireland, payroll services, litigations and in many other legal fields. can provide clients with quality legal services (advice and representation before the court) in all areas, including commercial law, and they are able to represent you before any institution through the power of attorney. Our Irish lawyers are also able to issue legal opinions on any matter requested by the client, providing customized legal solutions for each client in accordance to his business activity.

Setting Up a Company in Ireland

Before starting the procedure of opening a company in Ireland, we suggest you to ask for our lawyers’ services in order to facilitate the company formation proceedings. Our Irish law firm is able to manage all the steps needed for company incorporation in this country: from your oath before a Commissioner for Oaths or a Practicing Solicitor, to the delivery of all necessary documents at the Companies Registration Office and finalizing with the registration with other competent authorities for VAT and social insurance. We invite to read our comprehensive article about the process of establishing a company in Ireland in order to find more on this subject. Our team of lawyers in Ireland has numerous partners accross the world specialized in company formation matters, so if you are interested in establishing a company in an Asian country, such as India or China or in setting up an offshore company in Belize, feel free to contact us.

Company Liquidation in Ireland

In case a company cannot continue its business, our law firm in Ireland will provide specific services to guide you in the procedure of liquidation. Our solicitors are willing to help you in all situations, whether  the matter targets a members’ voluntary liquidation, a creditors’ voluntary liquidation or a compulsory liquidation. Please consult  this comprehensive material about the company liquidation procedure in Ireland

Tax Advice in Ireland 

Our local lawyers can provide clients with information about the types of taxes available in Ireland and can help them comply with the taxation system. Moreover, our team of attorneys in Ireland can advise clients upon the most effective tax minimization strategies, legal methods that are meant to help companies reduce taxes. We can provide professional counseling and representation for the avoidance of double taxation, following the agreements signed by Ireland and called “Double Tax Treaties”, most of them being elaborated after the global OECD model. In case you want to verify if there is a DTA signed between your country of residence and Ireland, please use our instant tax calculator, which will also show you the taxes your company in Ireland must pay.

Debt Collection Services in Ireland

As many entrepreneurs have had unpleasant surprises in collecting payments, our Irish law firm has developed certain strategies for debt collection services. Our Irish lawyers will sustain you in all the actions required to fulfill the claim. You can count on us for measures such as sending the demand letters and representation in all the trial procedures, court hearings and in relations with other competent authorities. 

Establish a Holding Company in Ireland

We also provide support for opening a holding company in Ireland, a type of legal entity established with the purpose of owning shares in other companies. Our attorneys in Ireland will offer you guidance for obtaining certain advantages such as small or exempt withholding taxes on dividends, interest and royalties or exempt capital taxes on profits.  

For more information about the legal services provided by us in Ireland or for a personalized offer, do not hesitate to contact our Irish law firm.


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