A Guide for UK Citizens: Obtaining Irish Passports

A Guide for UK Citizens: Obtaining Irish Passports

Updated on Friday 14th April 2023

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A-Guide-for-UK-Citizens-Obtaining-Irish-Passports.jpgUnited Kingdom (UK) has recently decided to exit the European Union (EU), under the already well-known referendum, the Brexit. This corner-stone event will also have effects on the UK citizens who are interested in obtaining a passport in various European countries, including Ireland. However, those interested in this legal procedure should know that the effects of the Brexit will become applicable within two years after the decision of the referendum and, at the moment, UK citizens are still allowed to travel into EU’s countries under the privilege of the free movement. Our Irish lawyers can offer further clarifications of the applicable legislation and on the legal aspects enforced following the two years period. 

Obtain a passport in Ireland 

After UK decided to exit the EU, many UK citizens became interested in obtaining an Irish passport for relocation purposes or relocation of a business in Ireland
One of the ways in which the Irish passport can be granted to British citizens is if they enter into one of the following categories: 
  • the person was born in Ireland
  • he or she has Irish parents
  • he or she has Irish grandparents
Except the above mentioned options, the Irish legislation prescribes several other ways and our lawyers in Ireland can provide more details on such regulations. 

Procedure to receive a passport in Ireland  

When registering for a passport in Ireland, it is necessary to verify if the person is eligible for this procedure and it is highly advisable to receive advice from an Irish law firm
In order to receive an approval from the Irish authorities, British persons should provide a set of documents, as stated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. There is a set of compulsory documents and another which is applicable for one of the options through which a person obtains the passport. Another relevant aspect is the age of the applicant, as those who are 18 years old must provide different papers. 
Irish regulations prescribe that an applicant should also have a witness for the procedure, who must be a lawyer, police officer, bank manager, a judge, a school director or a medical doctor. 
Persons who need further advice on the procedure are invited to contact our law firm in Ireland
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