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Updated on Friday 04th October 2019

Welcome to our ,,About Us" page! 

This page has the purpose of getting to know better our team of consultants and lawyers we collaborate with. When investing in a foreign country, the relation the businessmen have with their team of lawyers is of high importance and the services provided by SIGTAX LIMITED are designed to cover all types of corporate needs, in order to maximize the outcome of a future business.

Our team

Our consultants can provide their services to small and large businesses expanding in Ireland or to investors who want to register their first Irish company; we are recommended by the positive ratings offered by our clients over the years, but also by our dedication to meet the needs of any particular inquiry. 

paul-sheridan-company-formation-expert-in-ireland.jpg.jpgPaul Sheridan - Company Formation Specialist

Local and foreign businessmen who want to open an Irish company can get in touch with our company formation specialist, Paul Sheridan, who has an extensive experience in the formalities for registering a local legal entity. Our incorporation specialist is prepared to represent investors in setting up any of the company types that are recognized under the Irish legislation. With years of practice in the field, Paul Sheridan assisted foreign investors in expanding a company on the Irish market or in starting a local business. Depending on the chosen company type, businessmen can also request advice on the tax requirements and tax compliance procedures that are employed in Ireland.

The team of consultants at SIGTAX LIMITED is specialized in numerous legal areas: from commercial law to tax legislation. Our team can provide foreign clients in Ireland with corporate and commercial services and also represent them in court in any type of litigation. Clients can benefit from our extensive experience that we gained by handling numerous corporate cases. Furthermore, the Irish lawyers can help foreign investors set up companies in Ireland and assist them with other corporate legal services.

Thus, SIGTAX LIMITED provides a wide range of services, that are divided into eight main categories. Investors can be assisted on the procedures for opening a local business or they can request tax advice. Once the business is set up, additional matters have to be concluded following the applicable Irish legislation and this is where our consultants and tax advisors can be of help as well, in aspects such as: audit, bookkeeping, company administration, trust services or legal assistance in obtaining work permits.  


Our affiliations 

Although SIGTAX LIMITED is set up in Dublin, Ireland, with the purpose of offering legal counselling to Irish and foreign businessmen who are interested in opening an Irish business, our company is proud to mention that is part of several international organizations, as presented below:
Moneyhouse – formerly known as Credita Management AG, the company was founded in 2001 with the purpose of offering online information to those interested in finding out details on the companies registered in Switzerland with the Swiss Commercial Register. 
Bridgewest – an international network of lawyers and company formation specialists; SIGTAX LIMITED has been a member of Bridgewest for many years. 

For more information about the legal services provided by SIGTAX LIMITED or for a personalized offer, please contact our team of attorneys either by filling out our contact form or via e-mail, at: office(at)lawyersireland(dot)eu. Another way to get in touch with our specialists is by calling our main office at: +353 1 254 6150.