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Wealth Level in Ireland, Increase of 5% in 2016


Ireland is known as a developed country, which offers one of the most attractive business environments. Foreign investors are interested in setting up a company in Ireland due to its corporate taxation system, its investment policies and high skilled workforce. Another good news related to Ireland is that the wealth of the Irish population is increasing, showing that the local economy is further developing. Our Irish lawyers can offer assistance on the main legal aspects related to the Irish business environment. 

Ireland, the Best Small Country in the World for Businesses


With a population of less than five million inhabitants, Ireland is the best small country in the world for doing businesses. Ireland received this title in 2015 and it maintained this status throughout 2016. The country was mentioned as the best small country for business purposes in the IMB 2014 Global Location Trends report, but it is important to know that other studies revealed similar results. Businessmen who are interested in registering a company in Ireland can have very good business prospects here, due to the fact that the country provides relevant incentives and one of the most advantageous taxation systems. Our Irish lawyers can assist investors with more details on this subject. 

Massive Increase of Irish Passports Requests, Following Brexit

After the results of Brexit, which decided the exit of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU), the Irish authorities received an increasing number of passport applications from the British citizens. The request was determined by the fact that the British want to maintain their EU citizen status and requesting the Irish citizenship is a legal method through which this wish can be fulfilled. However, the motivation in obtaining an Irish passport can also be determined by the investors who want to open a company in Ireland and thus, maintain the business under the EU premises. Our Irish lawyers can assist British persons in the procedure of obtaining the Irish passport.