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Aspects to Consider When Performing Exporting Activities in Ireland

Aspects-to-Consider-When-Performing-Exporting-Activities-in-Ireland.jpgCompanies performing export activities in Ireland are required to respect a set of regulations established in this sense by the Irish authorities. At the same time, investors who are involved in commercial activities in this field should first study the markets which they target when exporting various goods and our team of Irish lawyers can offer assistance on the main rules of law, as well as on the tax requirements that have to be met, in accordance with the specific activities carried out by the companies in Ireland

Regulations for export activities in Ireland 

The main rule of law related to export activities in Ireland is the Control of Exports Act 2008. The Act provides a comprehensive image on the types of exports which can be performed here, as well as on the manner in which such activities can be conducted. 
At the same time, the document establishes provisions related to the penalties applicable to companies in Ireland which breach the conditions of the Control of Exports Act 2008. Our team of attorneys in Ireland can offer an in-depth presentation on such provisions and the manner in which they are imposed to businesses operating in this country. 
Investors should know that the Act sets out different regulations for various categories of goods exported from Ireland. The Act is concluded following the regulations deriving from the rules of law provided by the European Union, as the country is a member state of the Community. 

Top export products in Ireland  

Investors who want to open a company in Ireland conducting export activities should also take into consideration the country’s profile in this field. 
In this sense, it is important to know that, at the level of 2016, the top exports were registered for the following products: 
organic chemicals;
medical and technical equipment;
perfumes and cosmetics;
machines, engines and pumps. 
Ireland is known as one of the top countries at a global level for its pharmaceutical products. In 2016, this field accounted for 24.6% of the total level of exports, which had an overall value of US 31.7 billion. 
Other aspects which should also be taken into consideration refer to the costs incurred for this activity, as well as on the insurance costs for various categories of products exported to other states. 
Our law firm in Ireland can provide more details on the legal grounds related to the above mentioned aspects. Please contact our team of lawyers in Ireland for assistance.   


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