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Corporate Benefits of the Budget 2018 in Ireland

In October 2017, the Irish authorities established the measures that will be taken for the Budget 2018. The tax changes are available for both natural persons and legal entities operating in Ireland and they were created to accommodate the needs of the current market. The Irish Budget for 2018 also takes into consideration the assistance companies may need following the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union. Our team of lawyers in Ireland can offer more details on the tax measures that will be applicable in the following year. 


KEEP in Ireland  

The Irish Budget for the following year introduced both new taxes and tax incentives. For example, one of the incentives available for Irish companies is provided through the Key Employee Engagement Programme (KEEP) and it was created for small and medium sized companies, with the purpose of facilitating the use of share-based remuneration. Our team of Irish lawyers can offer in-depth assistance on the tax regulations established under the Budget 2018

Post- Brexit assistance in Ireland  

After Brexit, numerous companies based in UK declared their intention to the leave the market where they operate. The Irish government prepared a set of incentives to assist the needs of the companies that want to relocate on this market and, at the same time, government incentives will be provided for local companies that will be affected by the changes in markets created by the post-Brexit effects
Under the Irish Budget for 2018, the local government will offer EUR 300 million as a loan scheme to Irish companies that are affected or that will be affected by Brexit
The loan scheme was created for Irish small and medium sized companies, as well as for large companies employing less than 500 employees
At the same time, it is important to know that charities will be entitled to a refund on the value added tax (VAT) starting with 2019. The return on VAT will be calculated based on the charity’s non-public funding the entity (such as a foundation) received. 
Businessmen can contact our law firm in Ireland for legal assistance on the tax measures applicable to companies under the Irish Budget 2018.


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