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Enterprise Ireland: Subsidies of EUR 32 Million for Irish Companies in 2016

Enterprise-Ireland-Subsidies-of-EUR-32-Million-for-Irish-Companies-in-2016.jpgIreland is a top destination for businessmen who are searching a market in which they can launch a business. The Irish authorities provide numerous incentives, an attractive taxation system – as it imposes one of the smallest corporate taxes applicable in Europe, and tax deductions. Enterprise Ireland, the Irish governmental agency which provides assistance to businesses registered here, invested in 2016 EUR 32 million in 229 small start-up companies. Our team of Irish lawyers can offer legal advice on the registration of a company in Ireland


Investments in small Irish companies  

Foreign investors who want to open a company in Ireland must know that Enterprise Ireland provided an average of EUR 140,000 to start-up businesses which were considered to have a high potential for economic development. 
Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, ranked as the most well represented region in this sense, as 50% of the companies assisted by Enterprise Ireland were registered here. 

Funding for start-up companies in Ireland 

Enterprise Ireland offered financial assistance through several funding programs. 128 companies received funds through the Competitive Startup Fund. In this particular situation, Enterprise Ireland can own 10% equity in the company in which it will invest.  
The rest of the start-up businesses received financial assistance through the High Potential Startups. Businesses with a high potential for development received a higher average sum of money, of EUR 220,000. Our lawyers in Ireland can offer more details on the requirements that must be met by investors when applying at one of these programs. 
At the moment, Enterprise Ireland owns 2,236 equity investments in companies which were suitable for financing. The direct effect of the funding programs offered by Enterprise Ireland is related to the employment market. Through such project, new 19,000 jobs were created in 2016 on the Irish market
The government agency is also interested to invest in companies led by women. In 2016, 28% of the companies which successfully applied for Irish subsidies were represented by female entrepreneurs. 
We invite businessmen who want to open an Irish start-up to contact our law firm in Ireland for more details on this subject. 


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