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Increasing Number of Tourists in Ireland in 2017

Increasing-Number-of-Tourists-in-Ireland-in-2017.jpgThe Irish tourism industry is experiencing a relevant increase in the number of tourists. At the level of 2017 (measurements taken for the period of January – May), the level of tourism increased by 3%. Investors interested to open a company in Ireland in the field of tourism should know that foreign visitors are attracted to the Irish shores, as presented by the Central Statistics Office (CSO). Our team of lawyers in Ireland can offer more details on the business permits that will be necessary when operating in this industry and can provide in-depth information on the legislation available for this sector. 

Tourism in Ireland in 2017 

The tourism in Ireland is a steady growing industry. The Irish shores were visited at the level of May 2017 by 943,300 tourists, with a strong emphasis on the Emerald Isle, an iconic touristic destination of the country. 
A large share of the foreign tourists visiting Ireland was represented by citizens of the United States of America (an increase of 23% in the period of January - May, compared to the previous year). In this sense, it is important to know that the local bodies have prioritized tourism activities from USA, as the  American citizens spending their holidays in Ireland provide a high return on investment for companies.

Types of touristic activities in Ireland  

Foreign businessmen who want to open an Irish company in the field of tourism can start a wide range of activities. Regardless of the specific business operations, the company will need to obtain business permits and licenses from the competent authorities in Ireland. Our team of Irish lawyers can provide further advice on the registration procedure. 
As a general rule, companies operating in this field can start the following activities:
escorted bus tours;
tours including the Irish castles;
group tours;
golf tours
The top tourism destinations in Ireland are the following:
Dublin, the capital city;
Persons interested in further information on the Irish tourism industry are invited to contact our law firm in Ireland


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