Ireland Launches Strategy to Attract More Chinese Tourists

The Irish authorities, through Tourism Ireland, launched the largest project that is set to attract more Chinese tourists in the country. The project was launched along side 29 Irish companies in the tourism industry and the aim is to attract 175,000 tourists from China by 2025, which will represent an increase of 150% compared to the situation of 2017. Our team of Irish lawyers can advise on the tourism regulations available for businesses operating in this industry. 

New project for the Irish – Chinese tourism relations

One of the main aspects that will be concluded on the development of the Irish – Chinese tourism relations refers to the launch of new direct flights from Ireland to Beijing and Hong Kong. In June 2018, eight direct flights will be launched, representing 1,700 airline seats per week. Our team of lawyers in Ireland can advise on the regulations available for flight companies operating in this country. 
At the level of 2017, a total number of 70,000 Chinese tourists visited Ireland and the launch of the direct flights between the two countries is expected to generate a larger number of tourists from China, which is the largest outbound travel market at a global level. In this sense, it is important to know that the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) declared that the outbound travel from China will reach 200 million by 2020 at a global level. 
The total number of Chinese visitors who arrived in Ireland in 2017 increased by 15% of a year-to-year basis. 

Main reasons for Chinese tourists to visit Ireland  

Ireland provides a wide range of reasons that are of interest for Chinese visitors, such as:
rich culture;
attractive cities;
ancient history;
interesting driving routes;
Companies in Ireland operating in the tourism sector, in partnership with Tourism Ireland, have launched the China Ready training program, that will provide better business opportunities for this activity. 
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