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Irish Beverages Exports, Increase of 8% in 2017

The level of Irish exports for alcoholic beverages increased at the level of 2017 by 8%, accounting for EUR 1,5 billion. The main factor which influenced the increase of exports was the demand for premium spirit and liquer drinks. Also, another relevant aspect that actively influences the export of Irish beverages is the popularity of whiskey products. The export of Irish whiskey increased by approximately 20%, reaching a total value of EUR 600 million. Our team of lawyers in Ireland can assist investors with legal advice on the import-export regulations applicable to companies which sell alcoholic beverages

Ireland’s main export markets for alcoholic beverages 

Foreign businessmen interested in investing in this economic sector should also know that the alcoholic beverages market registered an increase in demand for cream liquers. This product registered in 2017 an increase of 10%, which accounted for EUR 300 million
The main export markets for Irish beverages were the following:
United States of America;
United Kingdom;
Amongst the Asian countries, Japan was the main export market for Irish companies, where the value of sales increased by 30% in 2017. Our team of Irish lawyers can assist with information on how to register a company operating in this sector. 

Alcoholic beverages market in Ireland 

It is expected to observe a further increase in this sector, on account of the following:
the increased demand for Irish whiskey;
the popularity of the Irish top beverages products;
product innovation
According to the data offered by a representative of the Alcohol Beverage Federation of Ireland, the country has at the moment 18 whiskey distilleries, while other 16 will be soon opened.
The Irish market is also represented by more than 100 beer craft brands and numerous companies operating in this sector are comprised of small producers, which are highly important for the overall level of Irish exports. Beer exports are also relevant for this business sector. At the level of 2016, 40% of the beer produced in Ireland was exported to other countries. It is also important to know that beer is the top alcoholic beverage preferred by the Irish citizens, as this product accounts for 46% of the market share
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