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Irish SMEs Claim Positive Business Results in the Past Year

Irish-SMEs-Claim-Positive-Business-Results-in-the-Past-Year.pngSmall and medium sized companies (SMEs) in Ireland declared that the they registered positive business results in the last year. The representatives of Irish companies mentioned that their business activities developed, regardless of the negative effects that resulted as a consequence of the United Kingdon’s exit from the European Union, known as Brexit. It is important to know that 62% of the of the participants of a study revealed a positive business outlook for their current activities. Our team of Irish lawyers can offer legal assistance on how to start a SME in Ireland

Positive business sentiment in Ireland  

The business environment available in Ireland enjoys a positive sentiment. It is important to know that the Irish SMEs are confident for their business outlook for the year ahead, as 66% of the respondents consider that their economic activities will develop. 
At the same time, 61% of the participants in the study declared that the industry in which they activate is improving. More importantly, 59% consider that Ireland represents a solid location for business purposes. In this sense, we mention that Ireland ranks as one of the top destinations for the ease of doing business, being mentioned as a superior economy compared to similar competitive economies (in a study for 2017 conducted by the World Bank). 
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Employment environment in Ireland  

Ireland is a very competitive economy at a European level, as well as a global level. Companies in Ireland are focused on providing an attractive environment for the Irish employees, who generally benefit from the following means of communication: 
mobile phones;
desk phones. 
At the same time, 73% of the participants declared that they can also provide a flexible working environment for their workforce
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