Limerick Docklands Economic Park, an Important Investment Project in Ireland

One of the most important cities in Ireland, Limerick, benefits from a major investment project that will transform 75 acres into an economic hub. The project will be carried out under the Framework Stategy launched by the Minister of State at the Department of Finance & Public Expenditure & Reform, which aims at developing the aformentioned region, but it also takes into consideration the commercial development of the Ted Russel Docks. Our team of lawyers in Ireland can advise on the main investment opportunities available in the city of Limerick.

Development project in Limerick  

The investment project that will be developed in Limerick will involve a capital of minimum EUR 100 million. The project will redevelop buildings that are already built in the region and will create new construction projects in areas such as:
Ted Russel Docks;
Corcanree Business Park;
other riverside lands.
One of the refurbishment projects that will be concluded in Limerick refers to the Bannatyne Mills, a region which dates back to the 19th century. The site will be transformed into a commercial hub, which will have a positive impact on the employment in the region, as it is estimated that it will create approximately 1,000 jobs. Our team of Irish lawyers can provide further information on the employment regulations available in Limerick
These investments, known under the name of  The Limerick Docklands Economic Park, will focus on the following: 
marine energy;
marine energy testing
The parties starting the investment project have already discussed with possible business partners that could deliver certain services regarding this new project, which may be started in 2019

Main purposes of the investment project in Limerick 

The investment project that will be developed in Limerick, Ireland, aims at creating a more suitable commercial environment, but it also encompasses the following: 
having a viable port at the Ted Russel Docks;
better access to the operational port;
better transportation system
Businessmen can contact our law firm in Ireland for consultancy services regarding the incentives available in Limerick for investment purposes