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Mobile Banking Services Usage in Ireland, Above the EU Average

The last decade has brought significant changes on the Irish market related to the field of banking services. In the last 10 years, the consumer behaviour modified to a high degree, as more and more Irish citizens are performing their banking transactions by using mobile services. This activity doubled in the last ten years and the data provided by Eurostat showed that 58% of the citizens in Ireland are currently using mobile banking services. Our team of lawyers in Ireland can provide legal assistance on the Irish regulations concerning this type of transaction

Irish mobile banking services in 2017 

The data gathered by Eurostat for 2017 show that the usage of mobile banking services at the level of the European Union (EU) is currently situated at a rate of 51%, Ireland being above this value. 
In Ireland, the rate of mobile banking services users increased rapidly between 2011 and 2012, reaching a rate of 43%, compared to a much lower value (of 10%) at the end of 2000s. In 2017, the rate of mobile banking users increased by 6%. Our team of Irish lawyers can assist businessmen in registering a company providing financial services for online devices
The consumer behaviour of the Irish citizens modified on specific types of transactions and the Financial Services Union (FSU) declared that there is still a need for physical banking institutions, as the consumers need professional assistance for specific services, such as:
savings plans

Mobile banking services in Ireland  

Since 2007, the rate of Irish citizens who used mobile banking services increased year by year. At the level of 2014, mobile payments represented more than one third from all the online payments. In 2014, there was first observed a decline for payments concluded in the online environment, as more citizens opted to complete their transactions through mobile devices. By June 2014, Ireland had 2,4 million citizens who used online banking services, out of which one million represented mobile banking services users
The applications for mobile phones in Ireland are available for all mobile operating systems
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