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The Value of the Irish Real Estate Market Increased in the Last Years

The-Value-of-the-Irish-Real-Estate-Market-Increased-in-the-Last-Years.pngThe property market in Ireland registered in 2016 one of its top record values, a situation which was maintained in 2017 as well. For example,  in the first half of 2017, the value of the property transactions accounted for more than EUR 770 million. Businessmen who want to establish a company in Ireland in this economic sector can have very good prospects, as the real estate properties are in demand, with rising prices for both commercial and residential properties, a situation which also applicable for rental activities. Our team of lawyers in Ireland can advise on the legislation regulating this field of activity, as well as on the provisions of the property contracts

Real estate activities in Ireland   

In the second quarter of the year, two main top transactions were performed in this sector, as follows:
property transaction in the accommodation sector, accounting for EUR 62,5 million;
fund transaction, accounting for EUR 38,6 million
In the first half of the year, transactions registered on the property market were in line with the average values of the previous years, and the market is expected to further increase by the end of 2017. 

Demand for Irish real estate

Investors who want to open an Irish company in the real estate sector should know that the demand for local properties is steady for both local and foreign purchasers
As mentioned earlier, the prices for rents and house purchases are increasing, and the estimates are showing an increase of 5% on a year to year basis. In Dublin, locals have shown a strong sentiment for selling properties, being interested in renovation projects as well. Our team of Irish lawyers can assist investors with information on the rules of law available for selling and buying properties in Ireland
A survey carried out on this matter revealed that three quarters of the respondents in Dublin considered that this period represents a suitable moment to sell a property, while 40% of the respondents declared that the market offers good conditions for purchasing a property
It is expected that the last quarter of the year to have the highest growth rate of 2017 and the projections on this matter are showing that the property market can reach a value of EUR 2 billion
Businessmen are invited to address to our law firm in Ireland for in-depth assistance on other corporate matters referring to this industry.  


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