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Business Permits and Licenses in Ireland

Business Permits and Licenses in Ireland

Updated on Tuesday 08th November 2016

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Business-Permits-and-Licenses-in-Ireland.jpgBusinessmen who want to establish a company in Ireland must receive a set of business permits and licenses, which are issued in accordance with the type of activity set out by the company. Business permits and licenses are provided by the local authorities; foreign investors who want to open a company here can receive assistance on this matter from our team on Irish lawyers, who can offer legal advice on necessary documents. 

Business licensing in Ireland 

According to the field of activity in which the company will carry out its operations, the investor must obtain various business permits and licenses, which will allow him or her to run the business respecting the rules and regulations stipulated by the commercial legislation. 
All companies which serve, prepare or deliver food are required to register at the Environmental Health Service (EHS); most of the businesses in this field do not need a license. However, EHS will have to give an approval in this sense. 
We invite entrepreneurs to find out more details on the business permits and licenses available in Ireland from the video presented below: 


Tourism and transportation companies in Ireland 

Foreign companies which operate in the hospitality industry should know that hotels in Ireland must obtain a registration permit (or a renewal permit); the same procedure is applicable to all types of businesses offering accommodation
Investors with companies in the transportation field have to obtain a community license if they are involved in the international carriage of goods; the permit is issued by the Road Transport Operator Licensing

Alcohol and tobacco permits and licenses in Ireland 

Companies selling tobacco in Ireland will have to register at the Health Service Executive of the National Tobacco Control Office; our Irish solicitors can provide you with further information on this matter. 
Companies with commercial activities involving alcohol should receive permits from the Revenue Commissioners National Excise License Office, a regulatory body able to issue such permits for retailers or wholesalers selling any type of alcohol
If you need further information on the business permits and licenses in Ireland, please contact our team of Irish solicitors, who can assist you in obtaining the documents your company needs. 


  • Jennifer 2016-03-14

    I am interested to open a restaurant in Dublin. I suppose this type of business requires many approvals from local authorities.

    Hello Jennifer! We can help you open a restaurant in Dublin and comply with all the regulations. Please send us a detailed e-mail at: office(at)lawyersireland(dot)eu and we will respond as soon as possible. Have a great day!

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