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Civil Law in Ireland

Civil Law in Ireland

Updated on Tuesday 21st February 2017

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Civil-Law-in-Ireland.jpgThe Irish legal system has its origins in the English common law system. Civil law in Ireland deals with cases in which are involved individuals or companies; the cases usually deal with disputes related to accidents or breaches of provisions of contracts. In order to resolve disputes that may arise in the civil cases, individuals or companies must be represented in the Irish Courts by a solicitor; our law firm in Ireland can provide you with in-depth information on the wide range of cases covered by the civil law

Civil law courts in Ireland

Any person or company involved in a civil dispute will address the case to an Irish Court; depending on the value of the case, you can address to the following courts
District Court – although the court is mainly involved in criminal law cases, several civil law matters, such as breaches of contract between landlords and tenants, debt situations and others, can be resolved here if the value of the case is of maximum EUR 15,000;
Circuit Court – it covers disputes that arise in contracts, titles of land or equity cases, with a value of maximum EUR 75,000;
High Court – according to the Irish Constitution, the court has the legal right to determine the matters of a case and its value;
Supreme Court - a person or company can address to the Supreme Court, which has the power to reverse a certain decision taken by the courts mentioned above, as long as the case is of public interest. 
The Civil Liability and Courts Act, signed in 2004, modified several provisions regarding civil cases and, as such, a mediator can be appointed in order to solve a certain dispute or liability; also, during the trial, experts in various fields who can offer their input to the case can be appointed. If you need further details on this matter, our lawyers in Ireland can provide you with more information on the claims which can be addressed to the civil courts

Legislation in Ireland 

The legislation in Ireland, enacted by Oireachtas Eireann (the Irish Parliament), has to be compatible with the provisions of the Irish Constitution. The legislation is comprised of:
primary legislation, which is enacted by the Oireachtas;
secondary legislation, which is enacted by public or local authorities in Ireland
If you need further information on the civil law matters in Ireland or you need to be represented in a civil case, please contact our Irish law firm


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