Companies Registration Office in Ireland

Companies Registration Office in Ireland

Updated on Tuesday 24th January 2023

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Companies-Registration-Office-in-Ireland.pngThe Companies Registration Office is the main institution in Ireland which provides the right to perform business activities on the Irish territory. All companies operating here, including sole traders, have to register with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) for numerous matters, such as the trading name of the company, its legal entity, the company’s annual financial documents and others. In order to register with the CRO, the investors will have to follow a specific procedure, on which our Irish lawyers can provide in-depth information. 

The registration of a business at the Irish CRO  

All companies operating in Ireland must have a trading name, which must be registered with the CRO. The registration is compulsory in the situation in which the company will have a different name than the founder’s true name. The CRO distinguishes between trading names representing: 
  • natural persons;
  • partnerships;
  • corporate entities. 
In this sense, for each of the above mentioned categories, the Irish CRO provides different application forms, which can be completed via the online platform available at the Companies Online Registration Environment. The businessmen will have to provide details on the company’s activity, the nature of business and the business address and it is advisable to receive legal assistance from lawyers in Ireland

Register a legal entity with the CRO  

In order to register a company at the CRO, the businessmen will first have to provide the company’s statutory documents, such as the memorandum and articles of association. The requirements are applicable to all types of legal entities available here, except for the private company limited by shares, which has only one statutory document, namely the constitution, following the new regulations imposed under the Companies Act 2014 and investors can find out more from our law firm in Ireland, which can offer in-depth details on this business form
In this step, the investors will need to provide details on the company’s directors and the company’s secretary or on the company’s business address.
Our accountants in Ireland provide complete services upon the successful registration of the business. Our packages are tailored to the size and type of the business, as well as its number of employees. Our services include bookkeeping, annual financial statements preparation and submission, taxation filing and reporting, payroll matters, as well as specialized consultancy services. 
Businessmen who need legal assistance on the requirements of the Companies Registration Office are invited to contact our Irish law firm