Company due Diligence in Ireland

Company Due Diligence in Ireland

Updated on Friday 17th March 2017

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Company-due-Diligence-in-Ireland.jpgIn order to make sure that a company fulfills all the legal aspects stipulated by the Irish legislation, foreign investors who are interested in purchasing a company here should perform due diligence proceduresDue diligence is a process which involves the advice of various professionals, who can verify on your behalf if the company is sold in good faith. If you want to acquire a company in Irelandour team of Irish lawyers can provide you with assistance in this matter. Our experts can also perform due diligence procedures in relationship with various business partners, by verifying their trustworthiness.

Due diligence procedures in Ireland 


Our lawyers in Ireland can offer you assistance in three types of company due diligence procedures: 
legal due diligence – the lawyers can verify the validity of a sale and purchase contract or the ownership of the company’s assets;
financial due diligence – our specialists can verify the financial situation of the company;
commercial due diligence – the procedure refers to the business environment of the company, its competitors and its market position.
Information on the activity of companies set up in Ireland can be obtained from the Irish Companies Register Office (CRO); the Office can provide information on the business activity of the company, its profits and financial situation. If you need further details on this topic, our Irish lawyers can offer you assistance in this matter. 

Irish due diligence main areas 

Due diligence procedures should start after the two parties involved in the sale of a company have agreed upon the sale price and terms of sale. The accountants and lawyers involved in a due diligence procedure can perform this action for a period of a few weeks (customarily, less than one month), in accordance with the type of due diligence you are interested in. If you are interested in checking the financial situation of a business partner, the procedure can last for a short period of time, as most of the data you might be interested in is available at the Irish CRO. Our Irish law firm can perform a company due diligence procedure for you.
Our lawyers in Ireland can verify areas such as: 
employment situation;
litigation cases the company may be involved in;
contracts signed by the company’s management;
payroll record. 
If you need further information on the company due diligence procedures in Ireland, please contact our Irish law firm for assistance.