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How To Obtain a Working Permit in Ireland

How To Obtain a Working Permit in Ireland

Updated on Tuesday 21st February 2017

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How-To-Obtain-a-Working-Permit-in-Ireland.jpgPersons interested in working in Ireland must receive a working permit in order to have the legal right of being employed here. As a general rule, citizens of the European Union are not required to obtain a working permit in Ireland; the permit is necessary for individuals outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. In order to receive such a permit, an employer registered in Ireland must make a job offer. If you are seeking to relocate to Ireland and find a job here, our law firm in Ireland can provide you with the legislation applicable in this field. 

 Employment permits in Ireland

The Employment Permits Act has been modified in October 2014 and, since then, the employment legislation has introduced 9 types of employment permits. The permits are issued in the following situations: 
critical skills employment permit – issued for highly skilled individuals;
dependant/partner/spouse employment permit – issued for foreigners who are having a life partner in Ireland;
intra-company transfer employment permit – issued for foreigners working in branch of a multinational or Irish company; the permit is targeted at management seniors or personnel in important positions in the company, but it can also address to trainees;
general employment permit – is addressed to a broad category of occupations;
contract for services employment permit – issued for foreign contractors working with an Irish company;
reactivation employment permit – is addressed to foreigners working in Ireland who have been mistreated by their Irish employers or who are not working legally;
internship employment permit – issued for full-time students;
sport and cultural employment permit – addressed to foreigners working in the sport and cultural fields;
exchange agreement employment permit;
A team of attorneys in Ireland can help you obtain the type of permit suitable for your situation.

Irish employment permits – general information 

In order to receive a working permit in Ireland, the salary must be above EUR 30,000. The permits are issued for a period of two years and they do not need to be renewed. The cost of a working permit, paid by the applicant, is EUR 1,000. In order to work in Ireland, the applicant must receive a Personal Public Service (PPS) number, necessary for paying taxes and social contributions. The PPS is issued in maximum ten working days by the Department of Social Protection. 
If you need to find out more information on the steps necessary for obtaining a working permit in Ireland, please contact our Irish law firm


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