How to Register a Company in Ireland

How to Register a Company in Ireland

Updated on Wednesday 03rd August 2016

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How-to-Register-a-Company-in-Ireland.jpgForeign investors interested in opening a business in Ireland should know that the local procedure is rather simple and a part of this process can be handled on-line, thus decreasing the time allocated to the registration process. Any company in Ireland, local or foreign, is registered at the Companies Registration Office, which is the main body that regulates companies’ activities in Ireland. Businessmen who want to establish a company here can receive legal assistance for the incorporation process from our team of Irish solicitors, who are specialized in various areas of the commercial legislation. 

Register a trading name in Ireland

Entrepreneurs who want to set up a company in Ireland can start this process by proposing a trading name for their business. In order to do so, the entrepreneurs can check and register at the Companies Registration Office (CRO) the trading name they are interested in, by submitting the following forms, in accordance with the legal form the company will take: 
Form RBN1, applicable to individuals;
Form RBN1A, applicable to companies established as partnerships;
Form RBN1B, applicable to legal entities. 
The Irish Registrar will issue a certificate of registration of the approved business name under which the company will operate in Ireland; our law firm in Ireland can provide you with more details on this procedure.


Incorporate a business in Ireland 

In order to incorporate a business in Ireland, the investor should provide a set of documents at the Irish CRO, which will then issue the authorization to run the company on the Irish territory
As such, CRO requires the following documents: 
Articles of association, which will be drafted according to the Irish legislation by legal professionals, such as Irish solicitors or other authorized entities;
Form A1, a document provided by CRO in which the founding partners should provide information on the company, the registered office, directors and company’s secretary; also, the investors will have to declare that the company was registered according to the provisions of the Companies Act 2014
If you need further information on the registration of an Irish company, please contact our team of Irish solicitors, who can offer you assistance throughout all stages of the registration process