Law Firm in Dublin

Law Firm in Dublin

Updated on Monday 13th December 2021

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Business environment in the capital city of Ireland 

Law-Firm-in-Dublin.jpgDublin is the most important city in Ireland, with a population of over one million inhabitants. With a corporate tax of just 12,5% and many incentives applied to foreign businesses, Dublin has become an attractive place to open a company. Our law firm in Ireland can offer various services, provided by reliable and experienced lawyers
Dublin is a beautiful city, with iconic locations known throughout the world; the city is the main location of Irish institutions, such as the government and public administration, but it is also the financial and business center of Ireland.
The economy of Dublin is mainly sustained by service sector businesses, such as tourism, retail, banking, telecommunications, software, or commercial services. As the economy is developing in a fast pace by offering a satisfactory business environment, more and more international companies are interested in opening a company here; you can find out more information about the business market in Dublin from our law firm in Ireland
The following video offers a short presentation on the main legal services provided by our law firm in Dublin:


Legal services in Dublin


With a welcoming business environment, Dublin represents a great investment opportunity for various business activities. Our attorneys in Ireland can offer you advice for your business plan in Ireland, from the type of business incorporation to costs related to opening a company here. Our team of Irish lawyers can help you decide which type of business is better suited for your company profile
Our lawyers can also offer you assistance on the tax system in Ireland and on the legislation applicable to foreign companies with operations in Dublin

Experienced lawyers in Dublin 

In case you may need the legal help of our team of Irish lawyers, you should know the services provided cover areas such as commercial law, litigation situations, family law and other legal services, applicable to individuals or companies. Any legal situation can be represented in an Irish court by our lawyers, who will provide you with high quality services and the best legal advice. 
We can help you when making a will in Ireland, as well as with many other issues concerning estate.
If you need legal representation or you are interested in the business market in Dublin, please contact our law firm in Ireland