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Open a Private Company Limited by Shares in Ireland

Open a Private Company Limited by Shares in Ireland

Updated on Friday 18th August 2017

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Open-a-Private-Company-Limited-by-Shares-in-Ireland.jpgUnder the regulations of the Companies Act 2014, local and foreign investors who want to open a company in Ireland may set up different types of limited companies, one of them being the private company limited by shares (LTD company). Limited companies are preferred by investors as they provide limited liability to its members in the situation in which the legal entities experience various financial difficulties. An LTD company offers numerous advantages to its shareholders and our team of lawyers in Ireland can offer in-depth assistance on the registration requirements. 

Characteristics of an Irish LTD company  

In an Irish LTD company, the members are liable for the company’s debts only in amount to the shares they own in the respective business. The company may have a total number of 149 members
The video below offers further information on the Irish private company limited by shares:

An advantage of the Irish LTD company is that the business may undertake any type of commercial activity; also, it is not required to specify the company’s business activities in the company’s documents, as this aspect is regulated by Part 2 of the new Companies Act. Our team of Irish lawyers can offer more in-depth advice on the main stipulations set out in this sense. 

Incorporation requirements for a LTD company in Ireland  

Investors who want to register a company in Ireland as a LTD may appoint only one director, who does not have to be an Irish citizen. The main criterion in this sense is that the director of an Irish company should be a resident of a member state of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA). At the same time, it is important to know that this legal entity can be incorporated by a single shareholder
In a LTD, the shareholders are the entities who own the company, while the management aspects are to be completed by the company’s directors, who can also participate as shareholders of the business
An Irish LDT can also benefit from tax exemptions under specific conditions. For example, the investors will not be required to pay the corporate tax for a period of three years, in the situation in which the company’s taxable profits will have a value below EUR 320,000
Businessmen may address to our law firm in Ireland for more details on the registration of a LTD company. Our lawyers can offer guidance during the incorporation procedures established for this business form.  


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