Open an Online Shop in Ireland

Open an Online Shop in Ireland

Updated on Thursday 02nd March 2023

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Open-an-Online-Shop-in-Ireland.pngSince more and more persons are interested in purchasing various goods and services through online portals, it can be an appealing idea to start an online shop. The company representing the online shop should conclude specific steps, such as setting up a website in Ireland, as well as providing online payment methods. In this sense, the company’s representatives may choose to set up a merchant account and Ireland provides several options, which can be selected depending on the business activity of the company. Our team of lawyers in Ireland can offer legal assistance on the documents that should be provided when choosing an online payment method


Options for starting an online shop in Ireland 

There are several options for starting a business in Ireland as an online store. The conventional way is by setting up a website, owned by a person or by a company, and  then include payment services that can accept various types of credit or debit cards
The following video offers a short presentation on the registration of an Irish online shop:

Another option, which increased in popularity, is by selling the company’s products through online marketplaces, such as Amazon, which represents the fastest growing business in its field. 
Depending on the company’s business plans or the quantity of products sold by the company, another way to start an online shop is by registering an e-commerce platform. It represents a more advanced manner of conducting an e-commerce business, as it includes specific elements, such as: 
the catalogue of available products, presented with an image depicting the product and its characteristics; 
an online storefront, which allows the customer to browse through the catalogueselect specific items and add them in the shopping cart
the payment gateway
An online shop incorporated as a limited liability company in Ireland will need to observe the local rules for taxation, bookkeeping, annual reporting and the preparation of the documents submitted for the mandatory annual filing. Our Irish accountants can provide you with complete bookkeeping services, as well as tax filing and payment, general tax compliance and consulting services. 

Aspects to consider when setting up an Irish merchant account 

When opening a merchant account, the first requirement is to have a functional website. It is also compulsory to provide a full description of the company’s products and in-depth details regarding pricing or shipping
At the same time, it is necessary to own a company recognized by the local authorities and a corporate bank account. Our team of Irish lawyers can assist foreign businessmen in opening a bank account at a local bank
Foreign businessmen may contact our law firm in Ireland for more details regarding the registration on an Irish online shop
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