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Opening a Bank Account in Ireland

Opening a Bank Account in Ireland

Updated on Thursday 08th June 2017

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Opening-a-Bank-Account-in-Ireland.jpgIreland has very good banking services, for both individuals and companies. In the situation in which you plan to move for a longer period of time in Ireland, you should open a bank account here. Our Irish lawyers can offer you recommendations as to what type of bank account would be better suited for your needs and can present to you the banking system available in Ireland.  

Documentation needed for opening an Irish bank account 

If you decided to open a bank account in Ireland, regardless of the bank you choose, you must present at least one of the following documents: 
a valid passport;
an Irish driving license;
documents issued by the government, attesting your identity. 
More details on how to open a bank account in Ireland are available in the video below:

According to the Irish legislation, you must attest your identity and your address in Ireland from two different documents, as a result of the anti-money laundering law; our Irish lawyers can provide further details on this subject. 
In the situation in which you may present documents issued by the Irish government, they should be verified by a statement, usually given by a solicitor; the lawyer will have to accompany you at the bank when you will require a bank account

Residence documentation 

As mentioned above, you can’t attest the residence address with the same document attesting your identity. As such, in order to prove that you own a property in Ireland or that you have rented a place, you must present one of the following documents:
a current utility bill;
a current home insurance policy (the car insurance policy is also accepted);
a social insurance document;
a tax credit list, issued by the Revenue Department;
In case you have just moved in Ireland, the bank will accept a letter from your employer in which it will be mentioned the fact that you work in Ireland, but you do not have yet a document attesting your residence address; you may contact our Irish lawyers, who can offer you more details on this law. 
If you need further information on opening a bank account in Ireland or if you need to be legally represented at the bank office, please contact our Irish law firm


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