Purchase a Company in Ireland

Purchase a Company in Ireland

Updated on Monday 13th December 2021

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Purchase-a-Company-in-Ireland.jpgIn the last years, Ireland has become an important market for foreign investors, who are interested in opening a business here. According to the Irish law, a foreign tax-resident can also purchase a business that is already on the Irish market, as the procedures are much simpler. 
There are certain risks involved in this action and because of that we recommend you to inspect and then purchase the company, with the assistance of a law firm in Ireland.
It is important that you see the place where the business is set up and the environment in which the daily activities are taking place. 

Due Diligence Procedures in Ireland 

Regardless of the business sector you want to enter by purchasing a company, it is recommended to hire an Irish law firm, which can start the due diligence procedures and can assess the situation of that certain business. Our Irish lawyers can give a clear image of the company after verifying the legal and accounting documents and can present to you a very important aspect, namely the current financial situation of the business.

Advantages of purchasing a company in Ireland 

If the pre-purchasing procedures revealed that there aren’t any legal problems with the assembly, buying it may bring several advantages from which you can benefit faster than if you chose to set up a new company
With an existing business you can obtain financial benefits more easily;
You already have business relations and a clientele;
The company already has employees, who are trained to perform their job;
It can save time, otherwise spent in establishing a legal basis for the new company.

If you want to buy a company in Ireland, you can choose from a large area of industries, ranging from agriculture, education, engineering, to hotels, pubs, or retail and healthcare. Our law firm in Ireland can give more information on the businesses available for sale and, according to the sum of money you want to invest, they can tell you which industries can have a good financial outcome. 
Please contact our Irish lawyers if you are interested in purchasing a company in Ireland. We can provide the necessary information on the customary procedures applied in Ireland when a company is being sold.