Resolve Property Disputes in Ireland

Resolve Property Disputes in Ireland

Updated on Thursday 12th May 2016

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Resolve-Property-Disputes-in-Ireland.jpgProperty disputes in Ireland can be resolved through several legal options. If the parties involved in the real estate conflict wish to settle the case outside the court, the procedure is possible through alternative resolution disputes measures, which are recommended for such cases. In the situation in which the parties can’t agree on a resolution, the case can be brought in front of an Irish court. Our team of Irish solicitors can provide legal advice for any type of real estate disputes


Alternative dispute resolution methods in Ireland 

Those involved in a property conflict in Ireland are advised to seek assistance on their case through alternative dispute resolution methods, which are held outside the court. The Irish legislation prescribes two methods in this sense: 
Arbitration is regulated by the Arbitration Act 2010, which was enforced to align to international standards. Mediation is a procedure which assumes that both parties are willingly interested to settle the case in an amicable manner; this method is widely promoted by the local authorities and it is important to know that the procedure is also very reliable, as it provides very good outcomes. An important aspect related to mediation is that the information disclosed by the parties is confidential; our team of Irish attorneys can provide more details on this matter. 
Only in the situation in which the case can’t be settled, the parties can address to a local court, to start the litigation procedure. 

Real estate disputes in Ireland 

There is a wide range of real estate disputes, but some of the most common refer to rental agreements, boundary or lease applications. Conflicts arising between landlords and tenants are resolved under the stipulations of the Residential Tenancy Act 2004 and the Residential Tenancy (Amendment) Act 2015. Contracts signed under these acts must be registered at the Residential Tenancy Board, which is an institution that can offer services of alternative dispute resolution
 Our team of attorneys can assist in matters related to commercial property disputes, such as business tenancy or breach of contracts. 
 Persons who need further information on the way in which property disputes can be resolved in Ireland can contact our Irish law firm for legal assistance.