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The Minimum Share Capital in Ireland

The Minimum Share Capital in Ireland

Updated on Wednesday 13th April 2016

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The-Minimum-Share-Capital-in-Ireland.jpgForeign investors interested to establish a company in Ireland should perform several steps in order to incorporate the business in accordance with the stipulations of the local legislation. One of the legal requirements in this sense refers to the minimum share capital, which varies in accordance with the legal entity chosen by the businessman. The registration of the minimum share capital in Ireland is established by the Companies Act 2014; the Act set out new rules regulating the registration and activity of companies in Ireland, offering a more flexible perspective, advantageous to both local and foreign entrepreneurs. Our team of Irish solicitors can provide legal assistance related to the minimum share capital, as well as for any other aspect of the incorporation process. 

The minimum share capital for limited companies in Ireland 

The Companies Act 2014 has brought many changes for the legal entities available in Ireland, one of the main modifications referring to the types of limited companies. The limited company is the most popular type of company registered in Ireland due to its stipulations on shareholder’s liabilities. As a general rule, the shareholders are only liable to the amount of shares owned in the business and they can’t be held responsible for the company’s debts; our attorneys can offer more details in this sense. 
The Companies Act established the following minimum share capital for the limited companies in Ireland
private limited liability company – there are no requirements related to the minimum share capital;
designated activity company – no requirements in this sense;
designated activity company limited by guarantee- does not require a minimum capital;
company limited by guarantee –the company can be registered without depositing a share capital;
public limited company – the minimum share capital for this type of company is set out at minimum EUR 25,000; 25% of this sum should be deposited before the company starts its business activities.

Share capital – definition

Share capital refers to the sum of money deposited by investors, who, in return, will receive shares in accordance to their contribution to the company’s assets. Persons who want to invest their finances in an Irish company should be familiar with the provisions of the Companies Act related to this legal requirement. 
If you need further information on the minimum share capital in Ireland, please contact our team of Irish solicitors for assistance. 


  • Andrew 2016-04-11

    The changes brought by the Companies Act 2014 were very supportive for local and foreign businessmen with activities in Ireland. The Act provides more flexibility for businesses and investors.

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