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VAT in Ireland

VAT in Ireland

Updated on Friday 10th February 2017

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VAT-in-Ireland.jpgThe value added tax (VAT) is the tax that is applied to all services and products in Ireland; the final prices also include the VAT, which may differ according to the business sector in which you carry your operations. The standard VAT rate in Ireland is set up at 23%, but several types of products and services operate with a lower tax, of only 9% or 4,8%. Our lawyers in Ireland can provide an in-depth presentation on the taxation system in Ireland

VAT rates in Ireland 

The business market in Ireland offers very good prospects for investors interested in setting up a business here. With the second smallest corporate tax in Europe, of only 12,5%, Ireland represents an investment opportunity; also, the taxation system applied to goods and services is rather flexible and, if you may want to register a company here, you should take into account the VAT rates
1. The standard rate of 23% is applied to most of the goods and services; our Irish lawyers can provide you an extensive list on this matter. 
2. The reduced rate of 13,5% is applied to the following products and services: fuel, electricity, veterinary services, buildings and building services, agricultural services, cleaning services and maintenance services.  
3. The reduced rate of 9% is a special type of VAT, which is applied to tourism related industries, such as hotels, restaurants, cinemas, hairdressing and newspapers. 
4. A special rate of 4,8% is applied only in agricultural sector and it involves the VAT  on livestock.
5. The Irish government also applies a VAT of 0% on all exports and on products such as tea, milk, book, products for children and many others. Our Irish lawyers can provide you a complete list of the products exempted from the VAT

VAT applied on residential property

If you are interested to buy a property in Ireland, please note that you may pay VAT on the purchase
If the purchased property is bought from a developer, the property will be charged with a rated of 13,5%;
If the property is a bought from another person who wants to sell the house, the Irish law does not impose any VAT;
If you need more information about the VAT applied in Ireland, please contact our Irish law firm, where you can receive advice on the taxation system applied here.  


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