Wealth Management in Ireland

Wealth Management in Ireland

Updated on Friday 17th March 2017

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Wealth-Management-in-Ireland.jpgPersons who are interested in protecting their financial assets can invest in wealth management services. Wealth management refers to the financial investment advice offered for the protection of financial assets of a company or individuals. Foreign investors or natural persons who want to protect their assets should request the assistance of a wealth manager, who can create an investment plan according to the needs of the client and his financial situation; our lawyers in Ireland can represent your interests in this process.

Wealth manager in Ireland 

Wealth management services are provided by  managers, who will offer their financial input in accordance with the client’s needs and current financial situation. The wealth manager will set up a plan which will increase the fortune of the client. The client will meet with the wealth manager on a regularly basis to establish new financial goals or to review various aspects of the management plan. 
The wealth manager is a person who can offer a financial approach that takes into account legal, financial or tax advice; our law firm in Ireland can provide you with further information on this matter. 

Wealth management services in Ireland 

Wealth management services can be provided for a wide range of financial assets, belonging to both natural persons and legal entities. As such, the wealth managers in Ireland can provide you with the following services: 
financial planning refers to the ways in which a person can protect his or her money, which can be invested in retirement plans, savings for the children’s education and many others;
the pension fund can be accessed by a person according to the contract he or she signed; as a general rule, persons investing for a longer time in a pension fund will benefit of more financial growth;
the investment portfolio management, created for investing in an investment fund, is a service to which both individuals and companies can participate;
investment banking services.
If you need further information on the wealth management services in Ireland, please contact our Irish law firm for legal representation.