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Contract Law in Ireland

Contract Law in Ireland

Updated on Tuesday 13th September 2016

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Contract-Law-in-Ireland.jpgThe Contract Law in Ireland refers to the set of rules and regulations which should be respected when drafting various types of agreements. All contracts should contain compulsory provisions referring to the parties who will sign the document, the object of the contract, the obligations and rights of the parties involved, the terms in which such an agreement can end, the period in which the document is available and many others. When drafting a contract in Ireland it is important to receive assistance from our team of lawyers in Ireland, who can offer legal advice on the provisions which should be included in the document, in accordance with its destination. 


Types of Irish contracts  

The legislation regulating contracts in Ireland provides the framework applicable to most of the agreements signed here, regardless of their destination. An important aspect of any contract is that it won’t become enforceable unless the parties agree on this matter and they intent to sign the document
The contract legislation prescribes several main types of agreements, as follows: 
commercial agreements, signed with the purpose of establishing a commercial relationship between two parties;
employment contracts, signed between the employer and the employee. 
When referring to the employment contracts, they can be signed for a fixed-term period- which signifies that the relation between the two parties will end at the date on which they both agreed upon, or open-ended contracts, in which the employer did not specified a date went the contract will end. 
However, it is important to know that in Ireland most of the employees work on an open-ended contract; our law firm in Ireland can provide more details on this matter. 

Key aspects of the Irish contract 

Any contract in Ireland will have to contain several provisions, as mentioned above. Some of the most important parts of a contract refer to the offer, which is an intention expressed by the person who initiated the contract that will be accepted by the other party. 
The acceptance of the offer will express the fact that the contract will become binding. In any type of contract, the persons or legal entities involved will have the capacity to enter into an agreement, as stated by the local legislation. However, there are few situations in which a contract can’t become legally binding, based on the lack of capacity: 
one of the persons is a minor; 
one of the parties is lacking mental sanity. 
Businessmen interested in signing a contract in Ireland can receive legal assistance or legal representation from our Irish law firm


  • Jonathan 2016-08-24

    I'd like to know more about the stipulations of the fixed-term employment contract, as will soon move to Ireland tfor work purposes. Thank you.

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