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Divorce in Ireland

Divorce in Ireland

Updated on Friday 10th February 2017

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Divorce-in-Ireland.jpgThe Irish family law states the provisions of the divorce procedures applicable when a couple no longer wants to continue a marriage. Our Irish law firm can offer you specific details on this subject and can present to you the various legal procedures to end a marriage. If you need legal representation in the Irish courts, our lawyers specialized in family law can offer assistance in this matter. 

Legal options to end a marriage in Ireland

Irish law offers several possibilities to end a marriage, in accordance to the couple’s situation. You can opt for one of the following legal procedures:
separation agreement – applicable when the two parties can reach an agreement upon the terms of their separation;
judicial separation – a procedure applicable when the couple won’t agree on the terms of the separation; either party can file to the Irish Court for a decree of judicial separation, which can be provided if the couple can attest that they’ve tried mediation and counseling. 
divorce – each party will be represented in an Irish court by a lawyer and the decree of divorce will enforce both parties with the right to remarry, but also to the rights and obligations that arise in case the marriage resulted in children; as such, the court will establish the custody, the terms of alimony and the share of the assets. You can find out more from our team of Irish lawyers.  

Divorce provisions in Ireland 

If you need to get a divorce, you should know that the procedure can be applied only if at least one of the spouses is a citizen of Ireland or he or she has been living here one year before starting the divorce procedures. A very important aspect of this procedure is that the divorce is granted as long as the couple can demonstrate that both parties have been living apart for at least four out of the five years before the divorce procedures have started. You may ask for more information on this provision from our attorneys in Ireland
According to the Irish law, you can represent yourself in the Court, but in case of a divorce it is recommended to require specialized legal assistance. Please contact our Irish lawyers, who can represent your best interest in an Irish court


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