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EORI Registration in Ireland

EORI Registration in Ireland

Updated on Tuesday 01st March 2016

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EORI-Registration-in-Ireland.jpgEconomic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) system was introduced in Ireland in 2009 for companies involved in trading activities. The EORI became effective from 1st of July 2009 and companies which interact with the Customs Authorities within the European Union are required to have an EORI number. Foreign investors interested in opening a company in Ireland can receive an in-depth presentation on the EORI system from our Irish solicitors


EORI system in Ireland

EORI system is a part of the “Safety and Security Amendment” implemented by the European Union (EU), which was created with the purpose of establishing a unified system throughout the EU for companies which have to file declarations at the Customs Authorities situated in each member state. 
According to the EU’s legislation, the EORI number is compulsory for any company established in Ireland, as well as for natural persons who are involved in customs activities in this country
Under this legislation, any company or natural person involved in customs activities will receive a unique EORI number, which will be issued by the local Customs Authorities
Irish companies which do not operate commercial activities under the customs legislation do not need an EORI number, as the activities are carried only within the territory of Ireland; our Irish law firm can provide you with more details on the matter. 

EORI number in Ireland 

Irish EORI numbers are submitted by the Irish Revenue to the European Commission, which keeps the EU’s database on the customs activity across Europe. Irish EORI numbers are attached to the Value Added Tax (VAT) number, which is compulsory for all companies in Ireland.
As a general rule, EORI numbers in Ireland are identic with the VAT numbers and are identified by the following rule: the use of the prefix "IE" and a number comprised of 7 digits. Economic operators in Ireland are required to submit their EORI numbers on the Single Administrative Document at the Irish Revenue
If you need further information on the EORI number in Ireland, please contact our team of Irish solicitors for assistance on this matter. 


  • Andrew 2016-03-01

    Can I receive an EORI number from any Customs Authorities within the EU or do I need to receive it from an Irish authority?

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