Irish Legislation for Foreign Investments in Ireland

Irish Legislation for Foreign Investments in Ireland

Updated on Tuesday 21st February 2017

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Irish-Legislation-for-Foreign-Investments-in-Ireland.jpgIreland has great potential for foreign investors, as the government policies carried out over the last years have had good results in terms of foreign direct investments. Foreign investors are attracted here because the Commercial Law offers advantageous provisions for foreign companies, such as the corporate tax; another reason is that the labor market is specialized and skilled. Our Irish lawyers can provide you with relevant information on the foreign investments in Ireland

Foreign direct investments in Ireland 

The main source of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Ireland is United States of America, which has invested in the Irish market over $ 165 billion, a sum representing 50% of the total FDI in Ireland. At the level of 2012, the Irish market share in Europe has increased with 3,78%, showing that foreign investors are interested and trust that FDI market in Ireland is reliable. Our Irish law firm can offer you more details on this subject. 
According to the Industrial Development Authority (IDA), the most important industries in terms of FDI, were the following: 
computer and electronic equipment;
medical and dental supplies;
financial services. 

Ireland’s financial measures 

Since 1990, the Irish government has started to enforce new tax reforms, which had as an immediate effect a development of the FDI market, as many foreign investors became interested in the financial market here. 
Since 2003, the corporate tax in Ireland is established at 12,5% and all foreign companies which are residents of states with which Ireland has signed a double taxation treaty benefit of various incentives. With few exceptions, all foreign companies registered in Ireland benefit of the same policies as the local companies do.  
The Irish law does not impose any restrictions for foreign companies to be involved in the sale of state owned Irish companies. As the above mentioned are just a part of the FDI provisions, you can ask for more details from our law firm in Ireland
If you want to know how you can access the Irish business market, please contact our Irish lawyers, who can give you the best advice for your business investment in Ireland