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Family Law in Ireland

Family Law in Ireland

Updated on Friday 10th February 2017

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Family-Law-in-Ireland.jpgFamily law is provided in Ireland by several Family Acts, which together give the framework regulating aspects related to marriage, divorce, inheritance, child support and many others. According to the articles 41 and 42 from the Irish Constitution, the concept of family represents the most important social unit and it is legally recognized through marriage. If you may need more information on the family law in Ireland, our Irish lawyers can provide you with in-depth presentation of the most representative provisions stated in the Family Acts

Marriage and divorce in Ireland

Family law in Ireland may refer to the right to get married, to have children, to divorce or to live in a civil partnership. Several Acts are regulating all these matters and many others and, if you are interested in the Irish family legislation, our attorneys in Ireland can offer you relevant information, according to your needs. 
Marriage in Ireland is legally recognized for any two individuals who have the legal capacity to get married and whose age is of minimum 18 years old
Divorce was introduced in Ireland in February 1997 and it can be granted only if the spouses can make a proof of the fact that in the last five years of marriage before filing for divorce, the parties were separated of at least four years; the divorce will be granted if the two can demonstrate there are no prospects for reconciliation. 

Child maintenance in Ireland 

If from a marriage resulted children and the two spouses have decided on getting a divorce, they must share the custody of the children. According to the Irish law, a child is considered dependent on a parent until he or she reaches the age of 18 years old, or even 23, in the situation in which the child opts for superior studies (bachelor/master degree). 
The maintenance is decided in the court, according to the level of income of both parents, on the assets they own and the needs of the child/children. In case if you are interested in child maintenance in Ireland, our Irish lawyers can represent you in the Court. 
If you need further information on the family law in Ireland or you need legal assistance in this matter, please contact or team of Irish lawyers


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