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Start a Recruitment Company in Ireland

Start a Recruitment Company in Ireland

Updated on Tuesday 07th November 2017

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Start-a-Recruitment-Company-in-Ireland.pngA recruitment company in Ireland offers information on the available jobs on the local market, which can address to both local and foreign persons. The recruitment company’s main activity is to identify the most suitable candidate for a particular job provided by another company operating on the Irish market, by analyzing the experience of the persons who applied for the respective job. In the last years, recruitment companies have set up their operations in the online environment, as this option offers more advantages to all the parties implied in the process. Our team of lawyers in Ireland can offer legal assistance on the main aspects that must be completed during the registration of a recruitment business.

Setting up an online recruitment business in Ireland  

Regardless if the company will set up an online business or not, the company’s representatives will need to conclude the same registration steps available for any other commercial entity in Ireland. After deciding on the legal entity of the company, the investors will need to register for taxation purposes, establish a business office, hire employees and numerous other compulsory aspects. 
Most of the recruitment companies carry their operations in the online environment by setting up a website where persons interested in finding a job in Ireland can study the available offers. 
As a general rule, a recruitment website will provide the possibility of creating a new account, where the applicants can submit their CV. The jobs are usually organized by industries or by regions and numerous other filters can be added, to further refine the types of jobs the applicants are searching for (by experience, type of contract and others). Our team of Irish lawyers can provide further assistance of the legal requirements for setting up a website

Hiring consultants in Ireland  

When opening a business in Ireland performing recruitment operations, it is compulsory to hire employees with an in-depth experience in the field of human resources. The recruitment agents will analyze the CV sent by local and foreign applicants and will select the best candidates. Further on, the recruitment agent should also be able to deliver the interview, which can now be held by online means of communication, if the selected candidates are located in another city or another country. 
Another aspect that should be completed by a recruitment agency in Ireland refers to the licenses that are issued in this sense. The recruitment license is compulsory for any company that performs direct recruitment services or through another recruitment agency. The license is issued in Ireland by the Commission for Public Service  Appointments
Investors may contact our law firm in Ireland for more details on the registration of a recruitment company


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